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Become an Ordained Minister to Perform Marriages

Get Your Minister's License Today and Perform Weddings, Baptisms, Blessings, Counseling, Preaching, Bible Studies, & much more....

Our minister ordination packages below are legal and valid across the the United States. By becoming an ordained minister with us you will be able to legally solemnize and perform marriages anywhere in the United States of America.

You can legally solemnize marriages, perform blessings ,counseling and rites of baptisms for your friends, family, and anyone else. We are a Christian Church and our beliefs are centered around the Bible and our ordination is valid throughout the country.

As an Ordained Minister you will get access to Hospitals, Prisons, and Nursing Homes and more. With an ordination from us you will be able to legally perform all ministerial and religious duties.

To get started just select one of the packages below:

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